27 Dec

Don’t put off til tomorrow what matters forever

vinage-alarm-clocks-thrift-store-findsSomeday. Its a word that I really shouldnt use. But I do. It pops up in all kinds of places. “Can we go to the park?” “Someday”, “Will you shovel the drive way?” “I’ll get to it someday”, “Can we go to disney land?” “yeah someday.”

The problem with someday is its any time from now to never, and most likely will be never. I don’t know about you but someday is what I say when I don’t want to commit, or am not very interested.

But some things should not wait till someday, and need to start now.

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06 Dec

Accepting Presence

When it comes to receiving a present usually we have one of two reactions: we get excited and appreciate it, or we feel a little uncomfortable with someone giving us something. Sometimes its hard to accept a present, especially if you feel like you should be giving something back and don’t have anything to give back.

Accepting presence can produce similar reactions. We can either be glad for the presence of God in our life, enjoying the moments where we really know how close He is, or maybe we can be uncomfortable, unsure of how to experience His presence, and maybe even wonder if He is close at all to us. Read More

04 Nov

My own worst enemy

Speed Timer Closeup Of 2011 Audi A8

I don’t always do what I know is right. Or what I know I know I should do.

I don’t know about you, but often times I know what is the right thing to do and I disregard it. Like when I’m driving. More often than I would like to admit I speed. Now I don’t speed to dangerous levels, and sure everyone speeds, but it does not make it right. And what is worse even though I am writing this, I will probably speed again.  Read More

27 Oct

Awkward conversations about money

Money is not something most of us enjoy talking about. Maybe we feel like we don’t have enough, or maybe we don’t want people to think we have a lot. Growing up money was not a topic we talked much about. But amazingly, the bible talks about it a lot. I think it speaks so much about money because it is an important subject. How we handle money affects us more spiritually than we recognize I think.

Scripture warns us that money can have a way of owning us. We can become people who put their hope in money and possessions and not in God. And it can happen so gradually that we don’t even notice it. Even if we think we don’t have much or enough, money has a way of becoming the thing we hope in. Simply said, money has a way of taking God’s rightful place. It is in God we should put our hope and find hope.  Read More

23 Oct

Probably the most unpopular thing I will ever post

maple leaf peace towerIt has been a very long day. Aside from the usual things that might make a day long, work, family, school, friends, pets, it has been an incredibly tragic day.

In the city my family and I call home, in the country I love, great tragedy has occurred. Today a soldier was killed in what some people are saying is an act of domestic terrorism. My heart is grieved for the family of this man, especially his young child who will now not grow up with their father around. I am saddened to see the terror that struck this city that I love. That friends were scared for their lives as they were put into a lock down situation in their work places. That nearly every school was in emergency mode and kids did not know what was happening.

While this day has affected me and many other citizens of this wonderful country we call home, there are some that were affected much more than others.
As the day has come to an end there are some things that keep circulating through my head. Some things that I just felt I needed to write down. And while these things might not be right, or popular, or agreed with, they are thoughts that I can’t ignore. When I reflect on the context I find myself in, I know that many of the people I call friends and love will disagree with me. But as I sit at my computer in the house that I call home in the city that I love, these two thoughts just seem to need to come out.

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20 Oct

Choosing Joy

Joy is a tricky thing. So often we think of joy being the same as happiness. While happiness has something to do with joy, it is not joy. One way of looking at it is that happiness is our emotional response to a situation. We get a cookie, it makes us happy life is good. We drop the cookie, life’s no longer so good!
Happiness is dependent on our circumstances. But joy, joy is different. Read More

13 Oct

The most important thing I know

art-clay1.s600x600I think the most important thing for anyone to know is that they were made in the image of God. It is a simple but pivotal truth. To know someone is made in God’s image should change what we think of them.

In the creation poem of Genesis 1, when people are created we are told they are created in the image of God. While there could be much discussion as to what exactly this image means, the truth needs to be embraced that regardless of what exactly this image is, we are made in His image. Read More

06 Oct

Finding your fit

clothing-on-rackI hate buying clothes. It is probably my least favourite thing to shop for. I don’t like having to try them on and search for the right size. Truth is usually I don’t try them on and buy them anyway. Then its a surprise when I get home to see if they fit or not when I put them on, and usually its not the right fit!

Often times I think in church we have a similar approach to finding the right fit in where we serve. Read More

29 Sep

What shape is your water


water glass

That’s a strange question isn’t it? But think about it, what shape is water? Is it really any shape at all? Well if you have it in a cylindrical glass it is the shape of a cylinder, or maybe its the shape of your pool, or a lake, or any number of things. Because water takes the shape of the item that contains it. Water itself is fluid and adapts, but once it is in something it appears to be the shape of that thing.
Now for another question: what shape is your Gospel? This might be harder to answer, but try. And what defines the shape of that gospel? Read More

22 Sep

The movement of the Gospel

creationThe topic of the gospel is one that I am very passionate about. And I think many other followers of Jesus are equally passionate about it. We are passionate about it because it is what our faith is about. The Gospel is why we follow Jesus. But unfortunately I think there are so many competing ideas out there about what the Gospel is that it makes it hard for us to embrace it and live it out.
While  the Gospel has a great deal to do with the person of Jesus who walked the earth 2000 years ago, the Gospel, the good news God has for the world, has been around for a lot longer than that event. Read More